Global Asthma Network (GAN)

New Zealand

GAN is an IMPALA’s sub-contractor and their role within our Unit includes gathering data for the Global Asthma Report which will be published with support from IMPALA.

We will also benefit from GAN’s existing centres in Africa (which include IMPALA’s countries) to support the IMPALA’s methodology for the measurement of non-communicable respiratory disease exposures and outcomes tailored to the challenges of conducting research in resource-constrained African environments, generate high quality preliminary data from multiple African sites and support our Unit in developing a strategic multi-disciplinary partnership of paediatric and adult lung health. GAN will do this by using their existing contacts in Africa and engage and empower their centres, guiding them on research methods and fieldwork. We work with Innes Asher and Philippa Ellwood.

GAN was established in 2012 to improve asthma care globally, with a focus on low and middle-income countries, through enhanced surveillance, research collaboration, capacity building and access to quality-assured essential medicines.