Global Respiratory Health Synergies Meta-Consortium

A stipulation set out by NIHR to all units and groups funded under the Global Health Research Programme is that we should use ‘reasonable endeavours to work with, collaborate, and generate synergies with other NIHR funded infrastructure’. This role has been created to fulfil that objective by acting as liaison between all groups and units to harmonise our activities in complementary areas, to maximise resource utilisation, and to maximise the translation into improving global respiratory health outcomes, particularly within the themes of Air Pollution, Climate Change, Planetary Health and Non-Communicable Diseases. 

Our aim is to ascertain where there may be areas for joint working and to identify gaps which a combined approach may begin to address. Additionally, by sharing ideas, experiences, resources, materials, policies and procedures used in global health research we hope to develop best practice approaches which will be broadly applicable across all the groups and units, with the aim of improving the overall research quality and reducing the administrative burden of global health research.