Lanfia Cisse

Head Lanfia Cisse

Lanfia Cisse is an innovator at the intersection of health, information technology, and telecommunications. With a masters degree in Humanitarian Health Program Management, Lanfia has become a prominent figure in the digital healthcare sector in West Africa. Currently residing in the United Kingdom, Lanfia serves as the CEO of Aspilogic, a leading provider of digital public health management systems.

Lanfia's professional journey took off with the establishment of Avista Telecom in Guinea, West Africa. Avista Telecom quickly became a pioneering Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the region, playing a crucial role in accelerating the digital transformation of businesses and residences by providing high-speed internet connections. Through the successful launch and management of Avista Telecom, Lanfia gained invaluable insights into the power and potential of information technology, which further fuelled his passion for health-tech solutions.

In 2001, Lanfia's passion for merging technology with healthcare led him to found Aspilogic. This groundbreaking company developed a revolutionary digital public health management system. Aspilogic empowers the National Health Service by equipping them with sophisticated tools to enhance healthcare delivery. The significance of Aspilogic's mission has become even more evident during health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lanfia is a strong advocate for the effective utilisation of public health data, recognising its capacity to transform a nation's response to diseases and health emergencies. By combining cutting-edge technology with healthcare, Lanfia strives to combat diseases, minimise their impact, and create resilient communities.

As a leader in the industry, Lanfia remains dedicated to revolutionising healthcare through technology, aiming to establish robust and efficient healthcare systems as the global standard. His legacy of innovation serves as a testament to his visionary approach, emphasising the powerful role of technology in shaping global health outcomes.

When it came to choosing where to pursue his studies, LSTM was a natural choice for Lanfia. The institution's history and extensive investment in combating tropical diseases on a global scale made LSTM an ideal fit. Lanfia wanted to be a part of the LSTM family and contribute to the fight against these diseases.

Lanfia's course perfectly aligned with his background and aspirations. Having worked for eight years in humanitarian and development projects in Guinea, Lanfia possessed skills in information technologies and information systems. This course provided him with the necessary knowledge to empower him in providing healthcare support using technology.

During his time at LSTM, Lanfia benefited from a scholarship that significantly reduced the cost of his studies. This support allowed him to dedicate more time to his education, minimising the need to work extra hours to cover the expenses.

Reflecting on his time at LSTM, Lanfia cherishes the diverse student community that became like a family. Interacting with students from various backgrounds enriched his experience and fostered a sense of belonging.

Lanfia attributes a significant part of his success in developing Aspilogic to the knowledge he acquired at LSTM. The education he received at LSTM enhanced his skills, boosted his confidence, and helped him define and achieve his personal goals and aims.

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