Leaders in global health

Dr Shevin Jacob attending during the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa.

When you study at LSTM, you’ll be taught by leaders in global health. They are are fostering a community of future leaders who can break the cycle of poor health and poverty all over the world.

The need for such leaders has never been greater – many health threats that were previously confined by geography are now of critical global significance. 

Our partners have identified skills gaps in the health and research sectors that urgently need to be addressed to meet these needs: 

  • Rapid assessment and swift response in pressurised situations
  • Reacting to rapidly changing contexts and remaining cool under pressure
  • Understanding risk and being able to take informed decisions based on the analysis of data/ information
  • Cultural sensitivity and empathy and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  • The ability to inspire others 

At LSTM, we believe the answer lies in education that is globally relevant and accessible, and responsive to the needs of our students and the communities they serve. So our students learn directly from leaders in the field, and gain the skills and knowledge they need for a career in global health. 

An example of our commitment to this approach is our new state of the art teaching environment at Pembroke House. This new technologically-advanced facility is designed to create a student-centred approach to learning, offering a dynamic environment that can be used for both formal teaching sessions and informal social study.