LQAS Generic Toolkit

LQAS Generic Toolkit

The following tools were developed in collaboration with UNICEF to support the planning, carrying out and analysis of LQAS surveys. They focus on maternal and child health and include:

    • Sampling frame calculator, detailed implementation plan and budget template to help plan your survey.
    • Indicator lists and seven modular generic questionnaires for maternal and child health and community health workers that you can adapt for your survey
    • Hand tabulation sheets for each of the questionnaires and a standard reporting format to help you analyse your survey

The tools are open for all to use or freely adapt. We would very much like to thank Dr Theresa Diaz, Nick Oliphant and the Knowledge Management and Implementation Research Unit in the Health Section at UNICEF New York. The sampling frame calculator was adapted from an original model by John Marsden and Tom Davis at Food for the Hungry. French versions are available here 

LQAS Generic Household Survey Tools

This section includes an indicator list and six questionnaires to collect the data. The questionnaires are modular so they can be easily adapted to project requirements. Also included are tabulation tables to process the data collected in the questionnaires; one for the Supervision Area level analysis, and a summary sheet for analysis at the district level.