LULI - Lung health across life course

Creating a multi-site, multi-disciplinary pan-African platform for clinical, epidemiological and applied health research into the aetiology, prevention, and treatment of non-communicable respiratory disease across the life course.

Lung health in Africa across the Life course (LuLi)


Project 1 Exposure to air pollution in adults with chronic non-communicable respiratory diseases in Benin and Cameroon: a cross-sectional study

Project 2 Prevalence survey and bacteriology of post-pulmonary tuberculosis disease in Tanzania

Project 3 Prevalence and clinical characteristics of post-tuberculosis lung disease among former tuberculosis patients in Cape Town, South Africa

Project 4 A cross-sectional study of urinary triclosan levels in Nigerian and Ghanaian children with asthma and the association between triclosan levels and asthma control

Project 5 A cross-sectional study of the characteristics of adults with chronic respiratory symptoms attending outpatient departments in hospitals in Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan

Project 6 Life after TB II in Malawi

Project 7 Burden of chronic lung disease among adolescent and adult patients 1-5 years post PTB in Uganda


  • Development of life exposure questionnaires
  • Phase I of the Spirometry Training (self-reading of electronic book "Certificate of Competence in Foundational Spirometry")
  • Phase II of the Spirometry Training by delivering a series of Spirometry and Air Quality Training courses across Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Deliver the Pan African Thoracic Society MECOR capacity building programme