Mohamed Jalloh

(MSc Tropical Paediatrics, 2020)

Mohamed, a Medical Doctor from Sierra Leone, is studying at LSTM on the MSc Tropical Paediatrics programme with the support from the Thomas Mark Scholarship. After receiving his medical licence from the University of Sierra Leone, he went on to practice at the Ola During Children as Medical Officer before joining us at LSTM in September 2019.

Civil War

Mohamed’s passion for paediatrics goes way back during the time of Sierra Leones civil war, where he lived in a displacement camp as a child and witnessed the death of some of his close friends. His passion was fuelled even further when the Ebola outbreak struck.

“I was still in medical school when the Ebola epidemic broke out in my country with a fragmented health system that was brought to its knees and the fear and uncertainty propelled me into doing my MSc.”

Lifelong relationship

“Sierra Leone has one of the highest infant and under-five mortality rates in the world with 120 per 1000 children dying yearly. This is to be expected with the acute health worker shortage in the country and even more so of trained paediatricians.”

In order help address this problem, Mohamed decided to apply for the MSc Tropical Paediatrics programme here at LSTM to enhance his medial skills.

“I believe that doing this program will serve as the steppingstone I need to launch my career. The relationships that I will create and the knowledge I will gain will last a lifetime.”

“This course will empower me with the tools and knowledge to contribute in providing care for these children so that they will actualize their fullest potentials and participate in nation building in my country and Africa at large.”

Achieving ambitions

Originally, Mohammed has applied and been accepted on the programme in September 2018. However, due to financial restrictions he was unable to do so.  Then in 2019, he was awarded a full award from the Thomas Mark Scholarship to fully cover his travel, tuition fees and support with living costs.

“This scholarship is the basis of me achieving my dreams and ambitions of studying at LSTM and doing this programme. Before getting this award there was no hope for me to pursue and achieve this precious goal of mine.”

“I want to take this opportunity to say a special thanks and appreciation to you for awarding me this scholarship."