Nadia Nandet Fomuso

MSc Tropical Paediatrics (Thomas Mark Scholarship)

My name is Nadia Nandet Fomuso, I am 30 years old. I was born and raised in Bamenda, in the Northwest region of Cameroon. I am married, currently with 2 kids (a set of twins).

After graduation from high school, I was successfully enrolled to study Medicine at the Faculty of Health Sciences in the University of Buea from October 2010. I finished my studies in July 2017, and graduated as a Medical doctor in October 2017, with honors.

I immediately got employed in September 2017 as a General practitioner with the Cameroon Baptist convention Health Board, where I worked until September 2022 when I started studying at LSTM

I have worked with the for 5 years, as a GP, but with interest in Paediatrics. My most recent post of work was at the Paediatric HIV/AIDS unit of the Bamenda Regional hospital, where I served for the last 2 years.

Why did you pick LSTM to study?

As a Medical doctor, I have keen interest in working with children. HIV became a topic of interest to me back in 2017 when I had to choose a dissertation topic. I had seen the suffering of HIV infected children due to late presentation and stigma in their parents. This spurted the urge in me to work with this group of children in order to know more about them, why they suffer so much and bring possible solutions. 

The Tropical paediatrics course offered at LSTM had a unique outline for training health professionals in the field of paediatrics, and infectious diseases. I did not find this unique outline in any other school I searched for. Also, LSTM’s location in the historic city of Liverpool was a plus for me, because I was going to be exposed to a lot of history, touristic sites and excitement while studying in Liverpool. All these fuelled my decision to study at LSTM.

Why is it important for organisation like LSTM to offer scholarships?

LSTM has unique programs of studies, with very rich course outlines which will be beneficial to people from Low and middle income countries like mine, to improve themselves, their careers and their nations. The issue is that the fees are very costly and not very affordable for average people. These scholarships will give opportunities to highly skilled people to experience this rich learning environment, and improve their practice in their various fields.


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