Naseer Ahmed Shaikh

(DTM&H, 1991)

Naseer Ahmed Shaikh is a seasoned medical professional with extensive experience in public sector health services. In 2022, he retired from his position as Director of Health Services in Mirpurkhas Division, where he oversaw three districts. Currently, he is serving as a Medical Expert on a contract basis at the Sindh Health Care Commission.

Naseer's journey in the field of medicine began with his love for Community Medicine and his interest in Parasitology. It was during his MBBS studies that he came across transcripts from the Diagonal Laboratory LSTM Liverpool in his textbook. In 1991, he secured a Commonwealth Scholarship through the British Council and chose to study Tropical Medicine at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM).

Naseer's time at LSTM was a truly transformative experience. He was pleasantly surprised by the friendly and supportive community in Liverpool, and the warmth he received from his teachers and fellow students. He recalls how the curricular and extracurricular activities, student welfare department, and all the faculties at LSTM were exceptional and something he will always cherish. To this day, he still misses his time at LSTM.

Upon returning from the UK, Naseer initially felt that he had not learned much at LSTM. However, when he was posted at the District Health Office, he realized that his time at LSTM had changed his thinking and dramatically improved his abilities to diagnose and treat infectious diseases, even with limited resources.

Naseer's advice to students at LSTM is to make the most of their time there and to learn as much as they can. He believes that students may never find a better Alma Matter after leaving LSTM and encourages them to enjoy every minute and learn every second of their stay.

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