Objectives and Background of the Skills Development Fellowship

The purpose of the SDF is to address identified skill gap areas through training and mentorship. The priority skills that the scheme currently focuses on are:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Computation
  • Informatics
  • Health Economics

These skills can be applied across the full range of the MRC’s remit relevant to translational research in Global Health including but not limited to; development of drugs, diagnostics, vaccines, vector control, disease control/elimination tools, public health interventions, health systems, and policy making.

The scientific theme for the LSTM-hosted SDF is primarily Global Health with a focus on translational and quantitative skills development. The strategic aims of the scheme are:

  • To develop a cadre of talented researchers who demonstrate leadership in translational research relevant to Global Health.
  • To develop researchers with the quantitative and interdisciplinary skills needed to work across the traditional phases of translational research.
  • To develop bridge scientists who can translate scientific innovation into beneficial impact on health for the world’s most vulnerable people and communities.