Professor Asma El Sony

Head of scientific Activities
Epidemiological Laboratory Epi-Lab Khartoum Sudan /International Public Health Expert, Sudan


Professor El Sony has led and contributed work, published Public Health Action (PHA), the Lancet, the International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IJTLD), Elsevier Journals, PubMed Central (PMC), the WHO Bulletin among other-reviewed journals in the discipline plus chapters in 3 books, with a 4th in press.

Professor El Sony has published nearly 50 articles and delivered dozens of papers and lectures internationally, a number, of which are keynote addresses. She has a paper writing strategy that will deliver a series of publications from the 700,000 portfolio, of Global Fund, MRC, LHL, WHO, NORAD funded projects. Professor El Sony has initiated and been attached to collaborating research groups in various countries Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Malawi Ethiopia, South Africa, Benin, India, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Sudan.

Professor El Sony served as academic supervisor for a large number of Master and PhD students from Africa, Japan, Norway, East Tumor, Saud Arabia, Canada and the United Kingdom and has also been successful in garnering sufficient external funding to support our sections and Departments research agenda and graduate students. The research projects  she currently leads and co lead at Epi-Lab, LSTM, LHL, NORAD, MRC, and Global Fund, have clear pathways to impact on the prevention and management of respiratory and non-communicable diseases.