Professor Eric Fevre

Professor Eric Fevre in the field

Professor Eric Fevre is a well-known scholar in the field of zoonotic and emerging disease epidemiology, known for his contributions to the understanding of infectious diseases. Prof. Fevre's expertise and dedication have solidified his position as a figure in the field.

Prof. Fevre began his academic journey by completing a master’s program in Applied Parasitology and Medical Entomology at LSTM. Graduating in 1997, he demonstrated aptitude and curiosity for parasites. Fevre pursued a Ph.D. at the Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine in Edinburgh, focusing on epidemiology. While like many early career researchers he faced challenges in securing funding and support, his master's degree, and a subsequent LSTM research assistantship none the less provided a solid foundation for his future.

Prof. Fevre's doctoral research immersed him in a three-year endeavour in Uganda, studying zoonotic human African trypanosomiasis. This experience led to postdoctoral positions in East Africa and the United Kingdom, expanding his expertise. He was later awarded a Wellcome Trust Fellowship, which allowed him to establish his own research team.

Currently, Prof. Fevre is a Professor of Veterinary Infectious Diseases at the University of Liverpool. His research focuses on zoonotic and emerging infections, with an emphasis on East African ecosystems; he is jointly appointed (and based full time) at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Nairobi, Kenya.

Reflecting on his time at LSTM, Fevre acknowledges the impact of the institution on his development. Engaging with faculty members and fellow students, and meeting his wife, Katie (who was then a student on the same masters course), shaped his trajectory.

Prof. Fevre's LSTM education influenced his life, fostering intellectual growth and confidence. Graduating at the top of his class and being awarded the Jervis Prize, he carried this assurance into his career, focusing on research that ignited his passion.

When advising prospective students, Fevre emphasises the importance of embracing opportunities and immersing oneself in the academic environment. By seizing the opportunity to learn everything you can from the teachers and researchers around them, reading extensively, and engaging in new ventures, students can maximise their LSTM experience.

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