Screening for AMR emergence

AMR testing platforms combined with a microbiology suite in the Materials Innovation Factory (MIF)

Screening for AMR emergence

We are a fully equipped suite of microbiology laboratories based within the Liverpool Life Sciences Accelerator at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine with expertise in microbiology, cell culture and molecular biology.

Our team comprises of experienced microbiologists and business development managers to provide advice to help progress product development or evaluation. In addition to microbiological analysis, eligible companies can also benefit from access to the expertise and equipment in the Materials Innovation Factory (MIF) located nearby within the University of Liverpool campus. Our aim is to help advance a variety of antimicrobial products to market, including medical devices, biocides, active pharmaceutical ingredients and novel applications using a range of customisable bespoke protocols developed for specific client needs and requirements.

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We are experienced in working with a range of Gram positive, Gram negative, fungal and yeast species and pathogens, including validated reference strains and clinical isolates. Please get in touch for further discussion on what species we can deliver research.