Sinead McGrath

Headshot of Sinead McGrath

Meet Sinead McGrath, a Humanitarian Strategist with the World Health Emergency team at the World Health Organisation (WHO). With over a decade of experience in the humanitarian sector, Sinead is a seasoned professional who has worked with various NGOs across the world. Her journey began in Liverpool, where she pursued an MSc in Humanitarian Studies at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Sinead's interest in global politics and social issues was sparked during her teenage years, and it led her to study a BSc in International Development and Food Policy at University College Cork (U.C.C). Her experience during an internship with the Irish NGO Trocaire in Honduras cemented her interest in the humanitarian sector. She chose to pursue her Masters at LSTM after an inspirational phone call with Dr. Tim Dempsey, the director of the MSc programme. Sinead recalls her time in Liverpool fondly, enjoying the vibrant student city and the diverse variety of staff and guest lecturers.

After graduating from LSTM, Sinead applied for several jobs abroad and found herself celebrating Christmas in Darfur, Sudan, after accepting a job as a Programme Support Officer with Irish NGO Concern Worldwide. Since then, she has worked across the world with various NGOs in South Sudan, Jordan, Honduras, Eastern Ukraine, Nigeria and Cambodia. Her proudest achievement to date has been her work on establishing humanitarian programmes in Eastern Ukraine and Nigeria.

In early 2022, Sinead joined the World Health Emergency team at WHO, where she works on humanitarian research and strategy projects at the highest levels. As a trained yoga teacher, she is also passionate about staff well-being and has introduced breathwork and meditation to boost team productivity and mood.

Sinead describes her time at LSTM as diverse, encouraging, and practical. Her advice to current and prospective students is not to take any advice, as there are countless opportunities in the humanitarian sector, and everyone has a unique background and resume. Follow your instincts, enjoy the adventure, and make the most of the diverse group of students at LSTM.

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