Sumaya Ferdowsi

Headshot of Sumaya Ferdowsi

Scholarship : Thomas Marks Scholarship

Programme: MSc Tropical Paediatrics

Sumaya Ferdowsi's decision to pursue higher education at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine is rooted in her background as a physician working in government hospitals in Bangladesh. 

Her experiences in healthcare have inspired her to seek advanced knowledge in the field of tropical paediatrics. Sumaya believes that LSTM offers the ideal platform for her to learn and acquire state-of-the-art knowledge in this specialised area.

Sumaya currently works as a physician in the government healthcare sector in Bangladesh. Her career aspirations include establishing a child development centre in government hospitals, where she can make a significant impact on child health and development. She envisions that her studies at LSTM will equip her with the necessary knowledge and research skills to achieve this goal.

Receiving the Thomas Marks Scholarship holds great personal and academic significance for Sumaya. Personally, it will boost her confidence and enhance her knowledge in the field of tropical paediatrics. Academically, it will enable her to delve into paediatric research and develop essential skills in this area.

Sumaya envisions that her studies at LSTM will contribute to the field of tropical medicine and global health in various ways. This includes developing skilled leadership qualities, building strong research knowledge, and advancing state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of tropical paediatrics. By acquiring these skills and knowledge, she aims to make a meaningful contribution to improving child health and well-being on a global scale.

Sumaya expresses her heartfelt gratitude for being awarded the Thomas Marks Scholarship. She acknowledges the scholarship as a valuable opportunity that will help her realise her dream of making a positive impact in child health. Sumaya extends her sincere thanks for the support and opportunities this scholarship has provided.

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