The last month of the DTM&H has flown by....

25 Nov 2015

David Hettle,  
DTMH  2015

With a life cycle or sixty and pages of previously unheard of drugs studied, revised and hopefully committed to long term memory, the last month of the DTM&H has flown by.

It is hard to sum up, but in three months we have been on a whistle-stop tour of so many things tropical, public health-related and more than we could ever have imagined seeing in a lab. (Who could have thought that the likeness of Trichuris trichiura to a Cornish pasty would have even led some to say they felt “comforted” when they find it on their slide?)

As well as all the learning, the DTM&H has brought me to a great, fun new city and given me the chance to meet some incredible and inspiring people, both the other students and teaching staff. If I had the chance to start all over again would I? Absolutely! For the course, the people on it, the fun we’ve had, the chance to momentarily jump out of day-to-day work and be a student again, the life in Liverpool.

Tonight is everyone’s chance to let their hair down (again!) for International Night - one of the only places in the world I expect Scouse glam and various national dress to brush shoulders under the same roof.