Non-communicable lung disease in Kenya: from burden and early life determinants to participatory inter-disciplinary solutions


Tupumue launch meeting

The Tupumue (Kiswahili: let us breathe) study aims to find out how many children in two communities in Nairobi, Kenya have lung problems and to explore children’s experiences of lung problems and air pollution.

We will also see if the lung diseases seen in African adults start during childhood and what causes lung problems in children

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The information collected will be used to compare the children of Mukuru and Buruburu and to see if more children than expected have reduced lung function and at what age this is evident. We will also see if air pollution, birth weight and early life chest infections affect the lung function of children, and the extent to which the experiences of children the two communities differ. The study is large enough to make fairly accurate estimates of prevalence and to look for associations.

The results of this study will be fed back to the two communities in ways they feel are easy to understand, including through the use of creative methods such as rap, comics, puppetry, street murals and videography.

Pumua Fiti Ishi Fiti (Live Well, Breathe Well) feat The Tupumue Music Crew and Lung Health Champions

The Tupumue study is looking at the lung health of children in two communities in Nairobi, Kenya. This video showcases the Tupumue lung health champions explaining the study to residents in the two communities, Mukuru and Buruburu, in February 2020, prior to the start of data collection.