Zikre Gebremariam

Headshot of Zikre Gebremariam

Scholarship: Thomas Mark Scholarship

Programme: MSc Tropical Paediatrics

Zikre Gebremariam's journey to Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine is a fuelled by unwavering determination and an unshakable commitment to tackle infectious and tropical diseases head-on. 

As a Medical Doctor hailing from Ethiopia, Zikre bore witness to the devastating impact of these diseases, especially on children and underserved communities. It's this personal mission that lit the fire under her dreams of revolutionising paediatric and child healthcare. For Zikre, LSTM's world-renowned faculty and its dedication to global health felt like a calling—a chance to learn from the best and be part of a community shaping a better world.

Zikre's dreams reach far beyond the horizon. She aspires to become a Tropical Medicine physician, specialising in Paediatrics and Child Health. Her mission? To bring quality healthcare to underserved populations. At LSTM, she is arming himself with the knowledge, skills, and research prowess to diagnose and treat tropical diseases. She is digging deep into the challenges of public health in developing nations and setting her sights on contributing to the forefront of tropical medicine research.

The Thomas Mark Scholarship isn't just a financial boost for Zikre; it's a life-changer. Personally, it liberates her from the chains of financial stress, allowing her to dive headfirst into her studies and explore a world of extracurricular activities. Academically, it opens doors to a prestigious institution, nurturing holistic development, and fostering connections with experts and peers from all corners of the globe. This scholarship isn't just about education; it's a transformative experience shaping a career devoted to tropical medicine and global health.

Zikre's studies at LSTM aren't just about personal growth; they're about forging a path towards change. Her journey is paving the way to new diagnostic and treatment methods for tropical diseases. As a clinician, researcher, and public health advocate, she is stepping up to improve the lives of those afflicted by these diseases. She is not only raising awareness but also rallying for more resources and equitable healthcare access. Zikre understands that tackling tropical diseases is a global challenge demanding international collaboration, and she is up for the task.

Zikre's heartfelt gratitude pours out to the scholarship donors who made her dreams a reality. Their generosity isn't just altering one life: it's a potential game-changer for entire communities and nations. With the knowledge and skills, she is gaining at LSTM, Zikre is poised to make a resounding impact on the world. A heartfelt thank you to the scholarship donors, for their benevolence and their belief in her mission—a belief that is shaping the future of global health.

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