Dr Simon Ogwang

Dr. Simon Ogwang is a man who has dedicated his life to making the world a better place. With over 20 years of experience in global health, Simon has a wealth of knowledge and skills that have enabled him to make a significant impact on communities all around the world.

Dr. Ogwang was the proud recipient of the Thomas Mark Scholarship, a fully-funded scholarship that enabled him to pursue his postgraduate studies in Tropical Paediatrics (2013). "The prestigious Thomas Mark Scholarship made me learn a lot about child health, global health, and tropical medicine broadly. It increased my employability opportunities," he says.

Speaking about his decision to study at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), he explains, "It was that time when I dedicated my life to studying and practising medicine. LSTM was the best institution to nurture my skills and knowledge to continue research, practice, and leadership in Global Health."

Dr. Ogwang's journey in global health started in his home country of Uganda. As a medical doctor with postgraduate degrees in Public Health from Makerere University and in management of health services from Uganda Martyrs University, he quickly established himself as a leader in the field. He held a range of positions in Uganda's Ministry of Health, including as the Head of the Kalaki Health District. During his time in these roles, he developed a passion for international health, child maternal newborn health, and disease control.

From there, Dr. Ogwang's career took him all around the world. He served as a Medical Coordinator for Merlin in Tajikistan and as a Health Manager for the International Rescue Committee in Liberia. He was also a Child Survival Coordinator for the IRC in Ethiopia and a Project Coordinator for the Malaria Consortium in Sudan. With each new position, he gained valuable experience and developed new skills that would prove invaluable in his future roles. Between 2009 and 2010, Dr. Ogwang became the Health Coordinator for Medical Emergency Relief International (Merlin) in Liberia.

In 2014, he was re-appointed to serve as a Senior Health Coordinator for IRC in Liberia . It was during this time that he faced one of his biggest challenges yet. The country was in the midst of an Ebola outbreak, and Simon and his team were on the front lines, fighting to contain the virus and save lives. Despite the danger, Simon remained committed to his work, and his tireless efforts were instrumental in helping to bring the outbreak under control.

In 2016, he served as one of the Health Advisers on the Sierra Leone President’s Delivery Team (PDT), contributing to accelerating the recovery of the country’s health system post-Ebola. In this. he was a member of the PDT constituted by experts from a consortium of Adam Smith International, McKinsey and Tony Blair Africa Governance Institute. The PDT housed within the Ministry of Health and Sanitation provided technical and strategic guidance in the delivery of the presidential recovery priorities of the Sierra Leone health system. 

In 2017, the World Health Organization appointed Dr Ogwang as a Health Adviser in Sierra Leone to support efforts to strengthen the country’s district health system. He led a senior team of the World Health Organization to build capacity for improved RMNCAH services, health security, planning, coordination, and leadership at the district level. Subsequently, the World Health Organization assigned him to serve in a dual capacity as a Team Lead for Expanded Programme in Immunization for Sierra Leone. Together with the WHO countrywide team and health partners, Dr Ogwang led efforts to support the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to improve routine immunisation and introduce new vaccines such as cholera and human papilloma virus. The deployment of oral cholera was well received as part of a concerted global response to floods which swept lives and property in the capital Freetown in Sierra Leone

His reputation as a leader in global health continued to grow, and he went on to hold a range of other positions in organizations such as the American Refugee Committee, the International Rescue Committee, World Health Organization, and UNICEF. In each new role, Simon brought with him a wealth of experience and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of those he served.

Today, he is once again back in his home country of Uganda, working to open a new hospital in Aligoi Sub County, Kachumbala County, Bukedea District. Simon's goal is to increase access to essential health services for children, women, and vulnerable populations in the catchment areas and beyond.

Throughout his career, Dr. Ogwang has been driven by a passion for improving the lives of others. His commitment to global health, his unwavering dedication to his work, and his broad knowledge and skills have made him an exceptional leader in his field. For anyone looking to make a difference in the world of global health, Dr. Simon Ogwang is an inspiration and a role model.

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