International Day of the Midwife 2022

International Day of the Midwife 2022


Meet our Midwife alumnae

Reflections on International day of the Midwife by Alumna Mrs. Faith Kanini Mutisya 

The leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide is hemorrhage accounting for approximately 27% of maternal deaths. Most maternal deaths can be prevented by high impact, low-cost, interventions such as birth by skilled birth personnel such as nurses/midwives, regular supervision, working with appropriate equipment and supplies. They should be able to promptly diagnose obstetric emergencies and urgently refer appropriately (UNICEF, 2022). As a passionate mentor, I lay more emphasis for the student nurses/midwives to be very keen as they learn obstetric care. I argue the faculty and my follow mentors to embrace regular supervision of student nurse/midwives to bring out a competent workforce.

Reference: UNICEF (2020) retrieved  on 29th April 2022

Mrs. Faith Kanini Mutisya 
MSN (International program) BSN (AKU) KRCHN
EmONC (CD, QA, SS, TOT,) LSTM- Kenya
Deputy Director Nursing Services