LIV-TB is a cross-campus collaboration between the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the University of Liverpool. We hold a monthly seminar with a presentation on a TB related theme by members of the group or visiting researchers in the field, followed by wide-ranging discussion and update.

Learning from data: evidence synthesis in TB treatment

Thursday 18th February 2021 Virtual Session 12.00pm-1.00pm, LSTM  

Professor Gerry Davies, Professor of Infection Pharmacology,
CIMI University of Liverpool, Honorary Professor, LSTM

Treatment of TB has evolved slowly over seven decades but first line treatment has changed little over the past 40 years. With the recent renewal in clinical trials activity, it is more important than ever to understand the evidence base behind the current standard of care and what lessons it may hold for developing more effective treatments. This talk will focus on insights derived from our recent work on standard and network meta-analysis of historical clinical trials and from the WHO policy process that led to the 2018/19 updates of the MDR-TB guidelines, drawing some conclusions on how to translate evidence into policy and clinical practice.

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