Oladapo Asiyanbi

Introducing Oladapo Asiyanbi, a dynamic and dedicated public health professional with a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. With over a decade of experience in the field, Oladapo has made a name for himself as the Director of PHC and Medical Officer of Health in Ikeja LGA, where he is responsible for coordinating the provision of essential public health services to over 500,000 residents.

A standout moment in Oladapo's career was his time at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), where he pursued his interest in the DTM&H program. LSTM was the perfect fit for Oladapo, with its unparalleled reputation for excellence in tropical medicine and research. He was particularly drawn to the rich history of the school and the city of Liverpool, where the role of Medical Officer of Health in public health practice was first created.

Oladapo's memories of Liverpool are filled with hands-on learning experiences and incredible relationships with health professionals from all over the world. The DTM&H 2012 cohort was particularly special to him, and he has nothing but admiration for the faculty and staff who made his time at LSTM so meaningful.

And while Liverpool holds a special place in Oladapo's heart, his experiences since leaving LSTM have been no less impactful. He has grown as a public health professional and contributed to the development of policies and partnerships that have had a real impact on the health system in Lagos, Nigeria. Despite facing difficult challenges, including the loss of his daughter to cancer during the Covid-19 pandemic, Oladapo has remained steadfast in his commitment to saving lives and making a difference in the world.

For anyone considering studying at LSTM, Oladapo's advice is simple: be prepared to be wowed. The sights, sounds, and people of Liverpool will provide the perfect backdrop for your education, and the opportunities to grow both academically and personally are endless. And for Oladapo, his fondest memory of Liverpool will always be the Dagnall Tropical Parasitology Laboratory Sessions and the possibilities for snake anti-venom production that he discovered there.

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