So the end is here

25 Nov 2015

Vanessa Yarwood, DTMH 2015

So the end is here. I think it is safe to say that I have well and truly fallen in love with the wonderful city of Liverpool during my short but sweet time here, and am very sad to be leaving in under a week. The past few weeks have been occupied with the small matter of exams, which has highlighted how much information we have been taught (and how little sunk into the long term memory!) Exams, although stressful, hopefully have cemented in this fantastically varied knowledge, from wing patterns on flies to gender equity, and how to address and improve this globally. 

Thoughts lead now to life post DTM&H and the range of different plans across the cohort is pretty inspiring. We have a few more days to enjoy Liverpool, and I am really looking forward to International Night tonight as a celebration of the course. 

Special thanks to Clare, who has tirelessly put up with desperate last minute emails regarding the intricacies of complicated medication regimes before the exams, and who has had a major role in making this experience so enjoyable and smoothly run. 

Thank you, Liverpool, DTM&H, and LSTM. Friends have been made, laughs shared, worm lifecycles illustrated, fancy dress constructed, and mountains defeated. Three months I shall never forget.