Student Charter

The Student Charter encourages staff and students to contribute to, and take pride in, the ongoing development of a supportive academic community.

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Student Charter 

The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) is a world-leading higher education institution dedicated to research and teaching in the field of tropical medicine. To maintain our status as a global frontrunner in the fight against infectious, debilitating and disabling diseases, we must work together. All members of LSTM’s community – students, alumni and staff – share responsibility for the continued success of the institution and its students. 

The purpose of this Student Charter is to encourage staff and students to contribute to, and take pride in, the ongoing development of a supportive academic community.

Student Engagement

Students can expect staff to:

  • Engage students within an inclusive environment by providing equality of treatment for all, regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief.
  • Facilitate maximum student engagement in activities that support and enhance academic excellence, employability and personal development.
  • Involve students in decision-making processes relating to educational issues by providing all students with effective opportunities for feedback.
  • Through student representatives, or individual students, engage with and respond to the issues raised by the student body.
  • Support elected representatives through the provision of training opportunities. 

Staff can expect students to:

  • Actively engage with others on their programme to achieve learning outcomes by being respectful and considerate of LSTM’s diverse community of students.
  • Engage with opportunities that will support their employability, academic excellence and personal development.
  • Engage with the range of opportunities provided for student representation, either through serving as a student representative or by raising any issues through various feedback mechanisms (e.g. focus groups and online surveys).
  • When asked for feedback, reflect on issues impacting on student experience and provide constructive feedback during the consultative process.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Students can expect staff to:

  • Provide a supportive and stimulating research-led learning environment that empowers students to reach their full potential.
  • Use inclusive teaching methods that allow all students to fulfil their academic potential.
  • Engage regularly in staff development activities to enhance teaching practice.
  • Make appropriate use of LSTM’s Virtual Learning Environment and other learning resources to encourage various learning styles.
  • Use transparent methods of assessment and provide students with feedback on their assessed work, according to timescales published by the Education & Training Department, to support students in developing their academic capabilities.
  • In collaboration with students, engage fully with module/programme review processes to maintain high academic standards and identify how the quality of programmes can be improved. 

Staff can expect students to:

  • Take responsibility for their own learning, developing their capacity as independent and collaborative learners.
  • Engage fully with the opportunities for learning provided by LSTM: preparing for and punctually attending timetabled classes; fulfilling all the academic obligations of their programme; engaging in independent study as expected in their programme; and taking advantage of opportunities provided to engage academically outside the formal requirements of their programme.
  • Reflect critically on the feedback provided on their assessed work, to develop the ability to learn from past experience and apply these lessons to future activities.
  • In collaboration with staff, engage fully with module review processes to help LSTM maintain high academic standards and identify how the quality of programmes can be improved.

Student Support

Students can expect staff to:

  • Provide access to facilities and services that will enable students to succeed in their studies.
  • Ensure that each student has a contact who can provide academic support and guidance.
  • Provide clear and accurate information on academic programmes and appropriately signpost LSTM’s student policies.
  • Provide access to support with personal and welfare issues. 

Staff can expect students to:

  • Engage with academic and pastoral support systems, seeking help promptly with any problems through contact with the appropriate member(s) of staff.
  • Schedule meetings with their Personal Tutor (taught programmes) or Supervisor (research programmes) at appropriate intervals during the academic year to monitor their progress in a constructive way.
  • Read all information related to their programme and familiarise themselves with LSTM’s student policies.