Host-microbe interactions within mosquitoes

Research in the lab headed by Grant Hughes centres around host-microbe interactions within mosquitoes and understanding the molecular basis for these interactions. Specifically, we are interested in the following topics.

  • Examining the tripartite interactions between mosquitoes, their microbiome and the pathogens they transmit.
  • Characterising transmission routes of gut associated microbes within mosquitoes.
  • Developing new tools for manipulating microbiota and identifying mosquito phenotypes influenced by the microbiome and the genetics that mediate these interactions.
  • Exploiting gut associated microbes to deliver molecules to interfere with pathogen transmission in mosquitoes.
  • Developing novel tools to engineer mosquitoes.
  • Exploiting genetics approaches to render mosquitoes incapable of transmitting pathogens to humans.

Lab funding

Royal Society Wolfson Fellowship. Exploiting the mosquito microbiome for novel mosquito control strategies. (PI). 2018-2020. RSWF\R1\180013.

National Institute of Health - Exploiting gnotobiotic systems to examine microbiota acquisition in mosquitoes and for microbiome transplantations (PI). 2018-2020. R21AI138074.

National Institute of Health - Microbial interplay between Zika virus and the native microbiome in mosquitoes (PI) 2017-2019. 1R21AI129507.

National Institute of Health - Bacterial Delivery of RNAi and CRISPRs for Modulation of Mosquito Transcription. (PI). 2016-2018. 1R21AI124452.

Lab publications

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