World TB Day 2022

Invest to End TB. Save Lives

World TB Day 2022

LSTM Connecting Citizens to Science podcast: Series 3: Ending TB: Putting people at the centre of opportunities for change

Working with the LIGHT research programme, in this series of podcasts we will be in conversation with global experts on the current challenges facing the local to global TB response. Behind Covid-19, tuberculosis is the second deadliest infectious disease across the world with more than 4100 TB-related deaths every day (WHO Global TB Report 2021). We will be talking about how evidence from and about communities and people can help ensure that decision-making is informed and that the global commitment to end TB by 2035 is achieved.

Ending TB locally, regionally, nationally, and globally: where are we up to on World TB Day 2022?

  • 10 million people fall ill with TB each year....
  • 4 million of whom never reach diagnosis or care....
  • 1400 people die of TB each day....
  • one in two TB-affected households globally incur catastrophic costs due to TB....

But, despite the above, funding to end TB through research, care, and advocacy, is dismal.

Indeed, although TB and Covid-19 are the two top infectious diseases killers worldwide, the funding for Covid-19 has eclipsed TB. 

For investment in vaccine development alone: Covid-19 = $100 billion in 18 months. TB = $117 million.

We have to Invest to End TB and save lives.

At LIV-TB, across Liverpool, and more broadly, we've been working hard behind the scenes to get these messages out for World TB Day 2022. Find out more by using the Microsoft Teams meeting link to join the meeting.