Global Health Trials Unit

Working to ensure that the best possible interventions are available to those people suffering from infectious & debilitating diseases & conditions among some of the world’s poorest communities.

The Global Health Trials Unit (GHTU) is a specialist unit with a specific remit to design, conduct, analyse, and publish global health trials in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). We provide expert statistical, epidemiological, and other methodological advice and coordination supporting successful trials in these settings, benefiting from LSTM’s experience in this field.

The GHTU establishes robust systems guaranteeing that the conduct and the delivery of its projects in resource-poor settings are of the highest quality standards.

The unit can advise on all aspects of study design and implementation, including trial registration, methods and results reporting, and matters related to study funding. Working with LSTM’s research office, we can provide assistance and guidance in the following areas:

• Study design
• Trial management, particularly overseas and multi-site
• Data management / sharing / analysis / interpretation
• Research Governance / Governance Oversight / Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
• Support in writing scientific papers / reports (including those to donors and funders)
• Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for effective management and safety of clinical trials in resource poor settings.

LSTM has signed up to the AllTrials campaign. AllTrials was established in 2013 and is now supported by thousands of individual patients, practitioners and researchers, and over 500 organisations. According to AllTrials, trials with negative results are twice as likely to be unreported as those with positive results. Its aim is to ensure trials with negative results are not unreported, to allow those making medical decisions to have all the information relating to everyday treatments.