Who we are and what we do

LSTM established an Athena SWAN Institutional Self-Assessment Team (SAT) in 2013. 

Members of the team meet every quarterly to ensure the Institutional Athena SWAN Action Plan is being implemented and that any further gender equality issues identified are addressed. The central SAT is Chaired by Professor Janet Hemingway, Director of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM). The Deans and Athena SWAN Champions from both Faculties (Biological Sciences, and Clinical Sciences & International Public Health) attend the meetings and Faculty Athena SWAN progress is a standard item on the agenda. The central SAT also reports to the institutional Senior Executive Group (SEG) and the central Equal Opportunity Group (EO).

The Institutional LSTM Athena SWAN Group: 

Name Role

Janet Hemingway

Director of LSTM; Chair of Institutional SAT
Kathleen Carroll  EA to Director
Nicholas Casewell  Senior Lecturer and Wellcome Trust Research Fellow; Athena SWAN Champion, Faculty of Biological Sciences
Alister Craig  Dean of Faculty of Biological Sciences
Russell Dacombe
Senior Research Associate; Athena SWAN Champion, Faculty of Clinical Sciences and International Public Health
Nicholas Feasey  Senior Clinical Lecturer, Faculty of Clinical Sciences
Katerina Finnis  Athena SWAN Officer (central role)
Christine Greenway  Director of HR
Kelly Johnston  Post doc, Faculty of Biological Sciences
David Lalloo  Dean of Faculty of Clinical Sciences and International Public Health
Victoria Sennett  Head of Employee Performance and Development (HR)
Diderik Van Halsema  Director of Communications (central role)
Helen Williams  Head of Insecticide Testing, Faculty of Biological Sciences

 Athena SWAN activities include gathering data relating to gender representation in subject areas (staff and students) and grades, and carrying out staff consultation sessions to assess issues relating to gender equality at LSTM. Themes explored include staff experiences of promotion and career progression, support during career breaks, work-life balance and prevailing cultures within the institution.

This data is discussed in depth during Athena SWAN meetings (Institutional and Faculty) and actions to address identified issues are put in place.

Examples of established and planned Institutional and Faculty-level actions include:

  • Interviews with colleagues at LSTM to explore perceptions and experiences of promotion.
  • Survey to assess level of support for staff with caring responsibilities who travel frequently
  • Establishment of a series of Athena SWAN events to promote an inclusive culture within LSTM, including celebrating international women/men’s day.
  • Interviews with colleagues who have returned from maternity leave to discuss further support required
  • Funding for childcare during Keeping in Touch (KIT) days
  • Plans to develop a website for colleagues on fixed-term contracts and doctoral students to improve communication, share knowledge, provide sources of information (such as funding opportunities)
  • Revision of LSTM’s tenure track scheme (Career Track) to ensure transparency and strengthen guidance.
  • Establishment of a robust school-wide mentoring scheme.