Professor Neil Squires


Professor Neil Squires is the Director of Global Operations at the UK Health Security Agency. UKHSA was created on 1st October 2021 when Neil’s previous role as Director of Global Public Health for Public Health England transferred in to UKHSA.

Appointed to his global role in PHE in 2017, Neil was previously the Head of Profession for Health in the Department for International Development and has spent the majority of his career working internationally, including living and working in Mozambique, Bangladesh, Malawi, and working with the European Commission in Brussels. Neil trained in medicine and then General Practice and completed the Diploma in Tropical Medicine at LSTM, prior to becoming a District Medical Officer in Malawi. He returned from Malawi to complete public health training in the North West, and joined the Department for International Development in 1997. Neil is the International Registrar of the UK Faculty of Public Health, and Honorary Professoressor in Global Health at Lincoln International Institute for Rural Health, University of Lincoln and has previously been a Board Member of the International NGO the Malaria Consortium.