Dr Anne Wilson

Lecturer in Epidemiology

Dr Anne Wilson is an infectious disease epidemiologist who works on the treatment and control of malaria and other vector borne diseases. Anne has a PhD from Durham University and an MSc in Public Health in Developing Countries from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

I use epidemiological study designs such as cohort studies, case control studies, and cluster-randomised controlled trials to understand the risk of VBDs and develop novel vector control methods. In particular, I am interested in the impact of anthropogenic changes such as urbanisation and agricultural intensification on VBD transmission, and the development of targeted, multi-sectoral control approaches. My research aims to highlight the importance of harnessing the non-health sector to reduce VBDs, for example by working with city leaders to improve housing and solid waste management. I have significant experience in transdisciplinary research and regularly work with entomologists, spatial and mathematical modellers, social scientists, health economists, engineers and architects to address complex problems.


Anne will be continuing her work on Integrated Vector Management including supporting the development of new vector control tools through conduct of rigorous trials. She is also interested in increasing the role of the non-health sector in vector control, for example agriculture, extractive industries and municipalities. Anne is part of a GCRF-funded inter-disciplinary research network that aims to stimulate research on the role of the built environment in control of vector-borne diseases (www.bovanetwork.org).


Member of Roll Back Malaria Vector Control Working Group
Member of Roll Back Malaria Multisectoral Working Group
Member of ‘Building Out Vector-borne diseases in Africa’ (BOVA) Network Management Board (www.bovanetwork.org)


Anne is co-course Convenor MRes in Tropical Health and Infectious Disease Research

Selected publications

  • Wilson AL, Courtenay O, Kelly-Hope LA, Scott TW, Takken W, Torr S, Lindsay SW. (2020) The importance of vector control for the control and elimination of vector-borne diseases. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 14(1): e0007831.

    Wilson AL, Boelaert M, Kleinschmidt I, Pinder M, Scott TW, Tusting LS & Lindsay SW. (2015). Evidence-based vector control? Improving the quality of vector control trials. Trends Parasitol S1471-4922 (15)00097-5