Dr Hannah Betts

Information and Database Manager, CNTD

After her Bachelors degree in Zoology at Newcastle University, Hannah undertook a three year traineeship as a Biodiversity Information Specialist with JNCC; a QUANGO dealing with conservation in the UK. It was during this time that Hannah received most of her initial training on data software and techniques including database design, GIS, statistical analysis and data management principles. After working in UK biodiversity conservation for 12 years and spending some time oversees on various projects, Hannah undertook her PhD in Liverpool on the subject of Tropical Forest Restoration, which involved significant field work in Thailand. After taking some time out after the birth of her daughter, Hannah began working at the School of Tropical Medicine in Liverpool in 2014 looking at the relationship between Tsetse fly numbers, sleeping sickness prevalence and habitat characteristics. She moved to the CNTD in 2015 as Information and Database Manager.

As Information and Database manager, Hannah oversees most of the information systems within the CNTD. Hannah designs and manages questionnaires and sampling protocols in collaboration with other members of the team and advises external partners on similar matters. Hannah has designed the Information infrastructure for the management and long term storage of data at CNTD and is responsible for ensuring that good data management processes are adhered to.

She designs and manages CNTDs data entry systems such as Access databases with associated forms and standard Excel templates. Hannah has recently implemented an electronic data capture system using electronic tablets with ODK which enables instant upload to a cloud database. Hannah is also responsible for the analysis of resulting information using both statistical and GIS techniques and the presenting of such information in appropriate reports.

Whilst not involved in formal teaching on LSTM programmes, Hannah does advise and train staff, students and external partners in statistical analysis and software such as ArcGIS and is supervising a masters student in 2016.