Dr Inaki Tirados

Research Fellow

Areas of interest:

Integrated vector management. Behavioural studies of vectors of human and animal diseases. Development and implementation of low technologies to control tsetse, mosquitoes and blackflies. Sleeping sickness, malaria and onchocerciasis control.


I was originally trained as a general biologist, with special focus on microbiology. However, my career as a “professional traveller” took off over 20 years ago, as I got involved with different NGOs. For about eight years, I worked in development health projects in a number of countries of Africa and South America. The experience led me into a different step in my career: I allowed myself to have a break and extend my studies, doing a course in tropical medicine at the University of Barcelona, and later on specialising in medical entomology and parasitology at the LSTM. Afterwards, I initiated my professional relationship with Prof Steve Torr, with whom I have been collaborating for the last 12 years, first working for Farm Africa, and then at the Natural Resources Institute (University of Greenwich). During this time we have been involved in field studies of malaria vectors and the development and implementation of low technologies to control Animal and Human African Trypanosomiasis, thought the suppression of their tsetse vectors. Low technologies to control vectors are intended to be used by untrained local communities, with little external support. During the same period I completed my PhD at the University of Greenwich. I joined LSTM in July 2013.

At present, I am particularly interested in the development and implementation of technologies than can be used by the poor communities to control vector-borne diseases, in particular sleeping sickness, malaria and onchocerciasis.

Research grants

I am primary involved in the Cargill Foundation-funded project, led at the LSTM by Prof Steve Torr and in collaboration with the Belgian ITM. The project aims to implement the use of ‘tiny targets’ in Bandundu Province (DRC) to control sleeping sickness.

Selected publications

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