Dr Julie-Anne Akiko Tangena

Post Doctoral Research Associate

I graduated in Biology (BSc and MSc) from Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands, having conducted studies on mosquito-borne diseases in both The Gambia and Japan.
My PhD at Institut Pasteur du Laos, in collaboration with Durham University, focussed on the risk of vector-borne diseases for rubber workers in the northern provinces of Lao PDR.
After completing my PhD in 2016, I continued working within the Institut Pasteur network, coordinating a South-South project in both Lao PDR and Côte d’Ivoire.

I joined LSTM in May 2018 to work, in collaboration with Oxford University, on the malaria atlas project. This project looks at a possible association between spatio-temporal patterns of insecticide resistance and residual variation in parasite prevalence. To address this, we want to understand the spatio-temporal patterns of co-variates that could be associated with this. My focus is on the co-variate indoor residual spraying.

I am supporting the Zambian project within the Coleman group focussed on The Disease Data Management System (DDMS) system. The DDMS is designed to support the monitoring and evaluation of malaria interventions which are necessary for efficient disease control. The DDMS is a central point for a range of relevant disease data including entomological, IRS, and quality assurance data.

I am also involved in the data analysis of several projects outside the Coleman group. In the near future, I will conduct a laboratory study on the sublethal effects from exposure to Clothianidin alone, or in mixture.