Dr Lucy Marsden

Public Health Specialty Registrar

Lucy is a third year Public Health Specialty Registrar from a non-clinical background with experience in community participation projects, managing early years services and developing area based partnerships across the North of England.

Prior to her joining the public health training scheme she worked for ten years with Knowsley Council’s Early Years Service in roles ranging from managing parental and community engagement to developing integrated health pathways, and for the charity Save the Children UK as Programme Manager for North of England with a key role leading the development of Sheffield’s Early Learning Community.

Since becoming a Registrar in 2020 Lucy has worked for Liverpool City Council with a range of public health responsibilities, primarily supporting the COVID-19 response in Liverpool. She will be with LSTM until Spring 2023.

Lucy has a BSc in International Development Studies and a Masters in Public Health, both from University of Liverpool.

During her time with LSTM Lucy is supporting the work of the NIHR Global Health Group on Stillbirth Prevention and Management. Current work includes reviewing the safeguarding procedures in place across the various country teams and working on team sustainability. Lucy’s key research interests include the wider determinants of health and in particular the impact of local environment on health outcomes.

Selected publications

  • Marsden, L., Hughes, D., Corcoran, R., Cheyne, C., Ashton, M., Buchan, I., Coffey, E., García-Fiñana, M (2022). Daily testing of contacts of SARS-CoV-2 infected cases as an alternative to quarantine for key workers in Liverpool: A prospective cohort study. eClinicalMedicine, Volume 50. Available at: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.eclinm.2022.101519