Dr Shaun Pennington

Senior Research Associate

Shaun was awarded a PhD in Infection and Immunity from the University of Liverpool in 2017. His interests lie in human immunity and the interplay between host and pathogen.

Shaun has utilised controlled human infection as well as several advanced in vitro models of infection to support vaccine development and inform the optimisation of novel therapeutic strategies targeting bacterial and viral pathogens.


Shaun is currently the laboratory lead for drug discovery at LSTM. His research is focused on the development and application of multi-organ, dynamic-flow systems for the study of host-pathogen interaction and for the assessment of vaccine and drug activity.


Shaun currently lectures and leads teaching tutorials on the topics of ‘Pharmacodynamics’ and the ‘Immunology of Tropical Disease’ at LSTM.

Shaun is a member of the Royal Society of Biology.

Selected publications

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