Dr Stuart Dowall

Honorary Appointment

Honorary Fellow (Non-Clinical) – University of Liverpool

Dr Dowall is a Project Team Leader in the Virology & Pathogenesis group at Public Health England, Porton Down. Previously he has worked in vaccine development projects for AIDS and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Since 2009 he has worked with emerging and re-emerging viruses, including those categorised at hazard group 4. He is a trained user of the Containment Level 4 laboratory and has interests in disease pathogenicity, assessment of interventions and vector biology.

The research conducted within the Virology & Pathogenesis group at Public Health England (PHE) is focussed on public health aspects of virology, pathogenesis and new & emerging viral disease. It includes in vitro and in vivo capability with highly pathogenic viruses, including those that require handling at Containment Level 4.

Current areas of interest include development and assessment of novel interventions. These include vaccine  and antiviral development programmes, and working with external groups on products developed elsewhere but requiring assessment using the tools and models available at PHE. Studies to assess the presence of emerging and re-emerging viral diseases are also undertaken to identify circulating areas. These investigations also include extensions to vector-borne diseases and the determination of infected vectors in the UK and elsewhere.