Dr Sylvester Coleman

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Sylvester is a public health entomologist with interest in vector-borne disease research and control. He has a PhD in Entomology from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.
His work to date has been on malaria vector surveillance for control and evaluating the efficacy of new vector control products. He pioneered the establishment of a robust entomological monitoring program for the PMI IRS program in northern Ghana. Sylvester has been involved in generating critical data to support the implementation of vector control activities in support of the US Presidents Malaria Initiative and National Malaria Control Program of Ghana over the past 13 years and played a major role in the establishing entomological surveillance sites across the different regions of Ghana.


Sylvester will be involved in longitudinal entomological surveillance for the Shire Valley Vector Control Project (Shire-VEC) that seeks to quantify the mosquito vector abundance and diversity, parasite prevalence in vectors and characterize mosquito behaviour within newly irrigated land in the lower Shire Valley.

It is expected that these data will be used to inform partners at the National Malaria Control Programme and other national stakeholders in public health and agriculture to help improve entomological surveillance for targeted vector control.

Selected publications

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