George Parsons

Research assistant

In 2017, George graduated from the University of Liverpool with an integrated Masters in Biological Sciences (MBiolSci) with first class honours. During his four years of study he undertook research projects with backgrounds in tropical disease, performing endosymbiont transinfections and investigating tsetse fly symbiont genome degradation. The flexible nature of his course allowed him to study an assortment of topics, from genetics and virology, to ecology, conservation, and zoology.

Before attending University, George worked at Micron Bio-Systems (a feed additive and mycotoxin remediation company based in Somerset) as a Quality Control Analyst. While there he became familiar with a number of laboratory practices, including microbiological techniques and even some mass spectrometry.

His wide-ranging skills and interests in science suit his role as LITE research assistant, giving him a broad understanding of the many variables and potential issues to be considered during scientific experimentation.