Jessica Carson

Research Assistant

Jessica is a Research Assistant in the Vector Biology Department.
She began her career graduating from Liverpool John Moore’s university with a 2.1 in 2015 with a BSc (Hons) Forensic Science. After graduating in 2015 Jessica went on to join LSTM in the LITE department were her role consisted of performing insecticide resistance assays, rearing multiple strains of mosquitoes for testing and working towards GLP accreditation. In 2018 she joined the Vector Biology Department, within the IR:DIME group as a Research Assistant. Jessica’s role included performing insecticide resistance bioassays, rearing both lab and field strains of mosquito for testing. She also carries out molecular laboratory techniques to screen both field and lab strains of mosquitoes, which includes performing all genotyping and P450 Taqman assay on all the CTID colonies, cell culture support to establish a Plasmodium falciparum /Anopheles infection platform at LSTM and complete experiments to assess the impact of insecticide exposure on parasite development.

Jessica is a Research Assistant in the Vector Biology Department, within the CBG- chemical biology group: HI-LAB group. Jessica's responsibilities include offering assistance for insectary and cell culture tasks, promoting collaboration, actively engaging in mosquito colonization initiatives, managing mosquito line maintenance, and contributing to the development of Insecticide-ADME approaches, alongside with transcriptomic profiling.

Selected publications

  • Carson, Jessica, Erriah, Bryan, Herodotou, Stephanie, Shtukenberg, Alexander, Smith, Leilani, Ryazanskaya, Svetlana, Ward, Michael, Kahr, Bart and Lees, Rosemary (2023) 'Overcoming insecticide resistance in Anopheles mosquitoes by using faster-acting solid forms of deltamethrin'. Malaria Journal, Vol 22, Issue 1, e129.