Laura Brettell

Postdoctoral research associate in vector biology

Laura completed her PhD at the University of Salford (2017) investigating the ecology of honey bee-associated viruses (primarily Deformed wing virus). She then worked as a postdoc at Western Sydney University, where she continued to study insect-associated microbes and their affect on pollinator heaIth using a combination of field and laboratory studies along with with bioinformatic analyses.

Laura joined LSTM as a postdoctoral research associate in 2021 where she focusses on mosquito-microbe interactions. She uses laboratory studies and ‘omics techniques to understand what makes bacteria successful colonizers of the mosquito gut and how they interact with their host. She is also interested in insect specific viruses and how these may affect mosquitoes.

Laura is the Recipient of the Jean Clayton Fund 2021/22 - Project title: Identification of viruses infecting Aedes detritus (£2249.00)


Selected publications

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