Leanne Crowley

Research Technician

Leanne started working within the Liverpool Insect Testing Establishment at LSTM in November 2018.  Within her role as a research technician, Leanne is responsible for rearing mosquitoes and performing bioassays to determine resistance to new and repurposed insecticides.

Leanne studied Forensic Science for 4 years in John Moores University graduating in 2018 with a BSc (Hons).  While studying her forensic science degree, Leanne gained expertise in molecular science, microbiology, field skills and analytical science.

While this is her first science role, Leanne has worked in many different capacities prior to studying.  Some of her roles involved her managing teams, dealing with public, customer complaints, and supporting vulnerable people.  Leanne says that all these roles have helped her to understand the importance of the work she does at LITE.