Leanne Galvin


Leanne graduated Nottingham Trent University with a First-Class BSc (hons) in Molecular Biology in 2016. She then chose to study MSc Advanced Biological Sciences specialising in Microbiology at the University of Liverpool and graduated in December 2017, with Distinction. Her research project contributed to the INTEGRATE project led by the University of Liverpool and focused on the use of molecular diagnostic panels in cases of viral gastroenteritis and prevalence of undetected Astrovirus infections.

She has expertise in molecular biological methods and statistical analysis with research interests in microbial genomics, antibiotic resistance and population genomics.

Leanne joined the school in January 2018 as a Research Technician in LITE, working on several projects examining novel chemistries for use as insecticides. In 2019 she was promoted to Testing Supervisor where she has continued her role in research and now leads all laboratory project work in LITE.