Mrs Fiona Dickinson

Research Assistant

Fiona has worked as a nurse and midwife in the UK and has also conducted midwifery research within the NHS. Fiona has a Masters in Social Research Methods.


  • Teaching and promotion of breastfeeding by Health Care Providers.
  • Quality of Care.
  • Development of tool for assessing quality of maternity care.


Current Projects

  • Making it Happen

  • External evaluation of the maternal, newborn and child health week

  • Electronic data collection methods


  • Selected Publications

    Soltani H, Dickinson F, Kalk J. (2008) Breast feeding practices and views among diabetic women: A retrospective cohort study. Midwifery: 24, 471-479.

    Dickinson F,  Soltani H. (2008) Nitrazine Yellow and pre-labour rupture of membrane. The Practicing Midwife. 11(5):48-52.

    Soltani H, Dickinson F, Symonds IM. Placental cord drainage after spontaneous vaginal delivery as part of the management of the third stage of labour. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2005, Issue 4.

    Soltani H, Dickinson F, Leung T. N. (2005) The effect of placental cord drainage in the third stage of labour on fetomaternal transfusion: a systematic review. Evidence based midwifery3 (2), 64-85.

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