Sanjay Curtis Nagi

Postdoctoral researcher

I worked with Professor Hilary Ranson for a year before joining Professor Martin J Donnelly's group to complete my PhD.


A major focus of my research is the rapid evolution and spread of resistance in the major malaria vector, and how we can use population genomics to ultimately inform malaria control programmes. I enjoy developing open-source computational tools that can aid the community and empower researchers to analyse their own data.

I am part of the Anopheles 1000 genomes project and Vector Observatory, global partnerships which aim to better understand how mosquitoes are evolving in response to new insecticides and other vector control interventions through genomic surveillance.

Selected publications

  • Sanjay C Nagi, Eric R Lucas, Alexander-Egyir Yawson, ..., Alistair Miles, David Weetman, Martin J Donnelly (2024). Parallel evolution in mosquito vectors – a duplicated esterase locus is associated with resistance to pirimiphos-methyl in An. gambiae bioRxiv;

    Sanjay C Nagi, Victoria A Ingham (2024). Genomic profiling of insecticide resistance in malaria vectors; insights into molecular mechanisms Research Square;

    Sanjay C Nagi, Ambrose Oruni, David Weetman, Martin J Donnelly (2022). RNA-Seq-Pop: Exploiting the sequence in RNA-Seq - a Snakemake workflow reveals patterns of insecticide resistance in the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae. Molecular Ecology Resources;

    Sanjay C Nagi, Alistair Miles, Martin J Donnelly (2022). AgamPrimer: Primer Design in Anopheles gambiae informed by range-wide genomic variation. bioRxiv.