Terry Kana

Senior lecturer in Tropical Nursing and Midwifery

Terry is a registered nurse and midwife and has worked in a wide variety of hospital and community settings in the UK. She is a former Senior Midwifery Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University and a former Supervisor of Midwives. She has over fifteen years’ international programme management experience in development, conflict, post conflict and complex emergencies in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Chechnya, Somalia, Burundi, DRC and Lesotho.

Terry worked at the Centre for Maternal and Newborn Health and was the Country Lead for the Making it Happen programme in Bangladesh and Pakistan. She completed a consultancy with the GFA/GIZ Muskoka Porject in Cambodia where she set up five EmONC skills laboratories in Kampot, Kampong Thorn, Kampong Speu and Kep and provided training and mentorship for the trainers and managers.

Terry was involved in a project conducting an evaluation of South Asia's current Community Health Worker (CHW) policies and support systems post-Astana as awell as a project based in Kenya to reduce maternal and neonatal deaths.

She also led the first multi-disciplinary skills drills Emergency Obstetric Care Training in Sri Lanka and is the in-house lead for the LSTM Life Saving Skills and Essential Obstetric Care.                         

In 2015, Terry was the recipient of the Wellbeing of Women/RCM International Fellowship Award.

I am a member of the Research Ethics Committee, Quality Management Committee and a mentor with the Social Mobility Fund and the royal College of Midwifery.


PhD Research What is the scope of practice and work load of midwifery cadres in low and middle-income countries using Bangladesh and Malawi as case examples?
This research uses mixed methods to examine the role, responsibilities and work practices of midwifery cadres e.g. midwives and nurse-midwives in low and middle-income countries. A survey was used to collect data on the scope of practice, work load and job satisfaction of the midwifery cadres and qualitative data using diaries, key informant interviews and focus group discussions to identify helpers and challenges to providing quality midwifery care in these settings.


Selected publications

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