Accelerating Product Development

Event 27 Jul 2018

The MRC CiC Tropical Infectious Disease Consortium is holding its annual 1-day meeting with the aim to review progress and catalyse future translational projects.

Delegates: MRC, MRC CiC awardees, academic and SME/industry investigators wishing to engage in translational research which has potential impact on health in resource-poor settings.

The objectives of the meeting are:

•To highlight opportunities, facilities and expertise within the Consortium for collaborative research.
•To showcase breadth and depth of projects, highlighting those that have already made significant progress.
•For the MRC to inform awardees and interested parties of pathways to further translational research funding (e.g. DPFS/TSB).
• Registration: Anyone wishing to register for this event should email LSTM research office at by the end of Friday 17th August 2018.


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