BMJ Webinar: 'Long COVID: diagnosis, management, prognosis'

Event 1 Sep 2020

A free webinar for clinicians, researchers and policymakers to discuss the emerging evidence about 'Long covid' convened by The BMJ and chaired by editor-in-chief Dr Fiona Godlee.

Expert panel includes: Trisha Greenhalgh, Tim Spector, Nisreen Alwan, Valentia Puntmann, Nick Peters, Lynne Turner-Stokes and LSTM's Professor Paul Garner

Questions (time permitting) include:

-what do we mean by long covid/post acute covid?
-what are different perspectives/ experiences/ categories?
-what do we know about how common it is?
-what might be the pathophysiology?
-what are the best approaches to management?
-what data should we be collecting, what research should we be doing?

Registration required via this link here