Bollington Festival

Event 15 Apr 2019

LSTM’s staff and students will be at the Bollington Festival on Sunday 26th May.  The Bollington Festival is open to all ages, takes place over several weeks and showcases talent from the North West region and across the UK (including from the arts, music and comedy).  It is held every 5-7 years in the town of Bollington, Macclesfield, and aims to enrich the lives of those that live and work in the community. 

LSTM’s team including Vector Biology’s Claire Dormann and Shannon McSweeney, TEL’s David Callaghan and CMNH’s Terry Kana will be on-hand with interactive games and activities to inspire the families visiting the festival.  The team will be situated in the Civic Hall of Bollington town between 1pm and 4:30pm.