Disease, flies and fatal attractions

Event 12 May 2013

Inaugural Lecture by Professor Steve Torr (joint appointment with UoW)

Professor Steve Torr has spent over 30 years working on the behaviour and ecology of tsetse flies which spread sleeping sickness (Human African Trypanosomiasis) and nagana (African Animal Trypanosomiasis). Field studies, using a wide variety of research methods, have determined how and why tsetse are attracted to particular hosts. The results have led to novel methods of controlling flies by attracting them to lethal baits. These simple and cost-effective technologies have been widely applied to control human and animal trypanosomiasis in many parts of Africa.

Professor Torr will describe how field research on tsetse conducted across Africa has resulted in completely new ways of controlling tsetse-borne diseases, and how lessons learned with tsetse might be applied to other flies.

Info: ahand@liv.ac.uk

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Access: External event, Invite only