Ebola: What more can be done? Public event at ODI

Event 1 Jan 2014

Professor Moses Bockarie – Director of the Centre for Neglected Tropical Diseases, LSTM, will be speaking at this public event.

This year's Ebola outbreak has so far claimed the lives of thousands in West Africa. The rate of contamination is snowballing with some predicting that more than 500,000 could be infected by the end of January. What can be done to destroy Ebola and are we doing enough? Will the international community learn from this response and be better prepared for future epidemics?

This ODI public event will bring together a panel of experts, officials and aid workers with first-hand experience of the crisis to debate these crucial questions.

For more information on speakers & registration please visit http://www.odi.org/events/4033-ebola-more-can-be-done